Cassandra Consultants

In need of a Cassandra Consultant?

Whether you're in need of advice when upgrading Cassandra or maybe want assistance productionizing your application to work with Cassandra, we can help. Members of our team were original committers to Cassandra. We have helped our clients succeed, both large and small, to assist with the nuance of managing Cassandra or Datastax Enterprise (DSE).

  • Upgrading Cassandra
    • We can give you sound advice and peace of mind when upgrading Cassandra at any scale
    • Major/Minor Cassandra Version Upgrades
    • Datastax Enterprise Version Upgrades
  • Configuration Tuning
    • Cassandra can run more efficiently through proper tuning & configuration
  • Workload Optimization
    • Optimize for your workload type (low-latency, or batch ETL pipeline)
  • Optimal Planning
    • Optimizing the hardware profile can maximize the performance of Cassandra
  • Operating System Tuning
    • Linux can be optimally tuned to provide improvements to Cassandra
  • Budgeting / Expense
    • Our Cost Benefit Analysis can keep expenses in check and within reason
  • Reduce failures
    • Plan ahead for future Cassandra failures, and reduce on-call incidents

For these or other Cassandra related inquiries, please...

contact us is the creator of Conductor - the always-on control plane for managed Cassandra.